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At Milestone Academy we recognise that a ‘Careers education’ for our young people is inextricably entwined with their core curriculum. However we also respect that elements of careers education must be taught in discrete and designated lessons and learning activities. Milestone Academy share the Careers and Enterprise Company’s definition of Careers development as:

Any activity which furthers knowledge, understanding, skills or experience with the purpose of leading to a life enhancing outcome including improving the possibility and probability of working in a range of settings.”

And a Careers Lesson as:

“(facilitating) any activity which uses a skill for the purpose of achieving an outcome which brings reward”

The principal aim at Milestone Academy is to prepare all of our young people for life beyond school and college. Students need to develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them in their future. We pride ourselves at Milestone Academy that we prepare the students for their adult life and the transition from full time education into the world beyond the Academy. Structured careers education provides students with focused opportunities for personal and social development which supports transition into the adult world.

Ofsted have recently investigated the importance of young people gaining good quality Impartial and Independent Career Education, Information and Guidance throughout their education. It is well known that young people who have focused career ideas will achieve more through their adult life.

Our 2016 Ofsted Report stated that “The curriculum has been extended to provide high-quality experiences for learners to develop their enterprise skills…There are strong links between the curriculum they are offered, the career aspirations of learners, the work experience made available and opportunities for work when they leave the school. As a result of all these factors learners are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage in their education, employment or training.”

Aims (where applicable)

  • Students will have access to a wide variety of appropriate careers information
  • Students develop knowledge of the different options that are open to them after year 11 and year 14
  • Students and families have the relevant support and guidance so that they feel fully informed about the opportunities open to their young person
  • Students develop an awareness and understanding of different roles in the workplace
  • Students will be informed of the differences between school, college and work
  • Students will begin to have an understanding of the concept of equal opportunities in relation to gender, ethnicity, socio-economic group, ability/disability and occupational choice
  • Students will develop an understanding of differences between work and leisure and how to present themselves differently depending on the circumstances
  • Students will be supported and prepared to make choices and discuss the importance of a back-up plan just in case their first choice proves prohibitive
  • Students will develop the skills and confidence to help them make realistic and informed choices about their future in consultation with others.
  • Students will be supported to complete an application form and prepare a Curriculum Vitae as required
  • Students will be given the opportunity to develop their full potential at school
  • Students will be given the opportunity to decide on post-16 options along with others
  • Students in 6th Form take part in work experience both in school and with external providers
  • Adult support is provided by the Academy if appropriate to support students on external work placements
  • Students will be given the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of the world of work within the careers education programme
  • Students are given the opportunity to complete ASDAN units developing their skills for the world of work, delivered as part of the curriculum
  • Students will be supported to be aware of their abilities, skills, qualities, needs and values and explore how these may relate to different job areas
  • Students will be supported to develop a positive self-image and have the ability to feel positive about their own future prospects
  • Students will be prepared by increasing their level of self-confidence about the world of work and the role of employers
  • Students may be given the opportunity to access a supported internship if appropriate

Annual Careers Day

Each April Milestone Academy hold an annual Careers Event which students in the secondary years and their families are encouraged to attend. It is an opportunity for students and families to speak to external providers including local FE providers, independent specialist colleges, residential care providers, support agencies and service providers about the different provisions that may be available to them when they leave Milestone Academy. At the careers day it is an opportunity for families to gather information and to establish if the different providers can meet the needs of the young person.

Careers Education

Students receive a comprehensive careers education programme which is within the curriculum and following the Gatsby Benchmarks. Our students have the opportunity of individual and group career guidance. Our students have access to accurate, up-to-date and comprehensive careers information at appropriate levels and through a wide variety of media.
We aim to offer a bespoke curriculum so that all students can access the different vocational courses if there is a specific interest. This may lead to vocational qualifications. Students have opportunities to listen to external speakers who will come into the Academy and talk to students positively about the opportunities that are available to them after year 14.

Careers Education is delivered at Milestone in Phases 3 & 4. How this is delivered is differentiated by pathway and department. We identify effective Careers education as supporting students to develop

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Determination
  • Self Improvement as a learner.

How we support our students to develop in these areas is quite clearly cross curricular, and where appropriate may not fall within discrete Careers Lessons, but rather form part of that young person’s individualised curriculum. For other learners however discrete Careers Lessons are delivered, including Accreditations in Work Related Learning, and BTEC units in Preparation for Work.

Some of our students in Year 14 may also access Supported Internships or Apprenticeships.

This year we are implementing this new curriculum alongside the GATSBY 8 Benchmarks. If you would like to discuss the content of some of these lessons please don’t hesitate to contact me

James Doddington
Assistant Principal Phase 4
Careers Lead

Transition to Adult Life useful websites

Entitlement and Timescales

During your time at Milestone Academy you are entitled to:

  • A careers education programme: lessons, workshops, external speakers, work-related learning or taster days
  • Regular feedback on your academic progress and how to improve so that you can achieve your goals
  • Support to develop better self-awareness so that you can recognise your own strengths, areas for development, skills, motivations, and abilities
  • Assistance when accessing and understanding information on open day, jobs, colleges, and apprenticeships
  • Independent information, advice and guidance on your future career when you leave Milestone Academy
  • An understanding of the opportunities that are available and how to access them, so you can make positive decisions for your future
  • Access to Independent and Impartial Guidance so that you can make choices and plans that are best for you
  • A transition plan so you can plan your future with our help
  • Access to comprehensive, user-friendly web-based information to help you when making decisions
  • Support with letters of application, filling in forms etc
  • Help with choices in years 9, 11 and 14

Who can help?

  • Class teachers
  • Phase leaders and Assistant Principals
  • Careers Adviser
  • Careers Lead: James Doddington
    Email or Tel