The principal aim at Milestone Academy is to prepare all of our young people for life beyond school and college.  Students need to develop an awareness of themselves as individuals and be made aware of the opportunities that are available to them in their future. We pride ourselves at Milestone Academy that we prepare the students for their adult life and the transition from full time education into the world beyond the Academy.  Structured careers education provides students with focused opportunities for personal and social development which supports transition into the adult world.

Ofsted have recently investigated the importance of young people gaining good quality, Impartial and Independent Career Education, Information and Guidance throughout their education. It is well known that young people who have focused career ideas will achieve more through their adult life.

The Leigh Academy Trust have chosen to employ a fully qualified Career and Progression Advisor Mrs. Lesley Tannock to develop the Career Education Programme throughout the different academies enabling the students in the Trust to be prepared for their adult future.


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Careers Education

Students receive a comprehensive careers education programme which is mainly hidden within the curriculum.

They receive a co-ordinated programme of Careers Education.

Our students have the opportunity of individual and group career guidance.

Our students have an access to accurate, up to date and comprehensive careers information at a variety of levels and through a wide variety of media.

We aim to offer a bespoke curriculum so that students can access the different vocational courses if there is a specific interest. This may lead to vocational qualifications.

The programme of careers education is evolving at Milestone Academy and as it develops the website will be continually updated to reflect the programme in school.

We pride ourselves in the number of external speakers who will come into the Academy and talk to students positively about the opportunities that are available to them after year 14.

Liaison with parents

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Annual Careers Day

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When I grow up project

As one of only three schools Nationally, Milestone prides itself as one of the chosen Schools for the “When I grow up Project”. We are currently in the second year of the project which is run by the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities.

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