Why hire a Milestone Academy student?

Students at Milestone Academy receive extensive training and education about the world of work. This includes:

  • Work experience at an appropriate stage of their education. This is often in Year 14, but can be sooner if it is suitable for that young person.
  • Social Skills training, including how to manage conflicts.
  • Careers education from the age of 11 onwards. This includes trips and visits to a number of workplaces, visits to the Academy from external speakers, and workshops focused on developing employability skills.

Students at Milestone are self-confident, and learn without limits. They have all worked very hard to achieve their goals. 

Milestone Academy students are also extremely well-mannered, motivated, and interested in learning and making a contribution. Some of our students and young people need more help than others, but we know that if they get the right amount of support at just the right time, they can flourish.