Phase 4

Phase 4



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Phase 4 at Milestone Academy is currently made up of 85 students, aged approximately from 15 to 19, including all sixth form students. The students are grouped into classes which are largely organised according to ability groupings and meeting individual learning needs. This means the students receive a differentiated National Curriculum delivered at a pace that is appropriate for them.

There are currently nine Phase 4 classes, two within the main building, four based in the Castle building on the main site at New Ash Green and three classes of Sixth Form students are based in a satellite provision within Wilmington academy. There are between 7 and 12 students within each class and the number of adults in each team varies according to the needs of the young people.

Students up to Year 11 study all subjects that make up the National Curriculum but these are differentiated and broken down into very small manageable steps. Class teachers teach the majority of subjects, but specialist teachers teach Science, Music, Art and Design, Dance and Physical Education. Key Stage 4 students within Phase 4 continue to study the majority of subjects that make up the National Curriculum and the Functional Skills of English, Mathematics and Information Communication Technology. They also have the option to select Creative Arts modules where they can choose to pursue Art and Design, Dance or Music during the year.

Students in the Sixth Form follow a curriculum that prepares them for adult life. They spend approximately 50% of each week engaged in school based study with the other 50% generalising their Functional Skills within the community.

All students from Year 10 onwards are engaged in vocational and work related learning. Milestone Academy has a well-developed horticultural area, equipped with polytunnels that provide an exemplary outdoor learning environment for nationally accredited qualifications, such as Level 1 BTEC qualification in Horticulture from Pearson. In addition, students may study at Bore Place, an organic dairy farm, where they work towards attaining a qualification from OCR ‘Life and Living Skills’ in the ‘World of Work’. Sixth Form students pursue a range of accredited courses including ASDAN qualifications in Personal and Social Development and Personal Progress.

Students in Year 10 and above may also sit Entry Level 1, 2 or 3 or Level 1 examinations in English, Maths, and ICT if appropriate, and work towards gaining an Arts Award from The Arts Council. We will also liaise with other specialist and mainstream provisions to access courses to meet the learning needs of our students and where appropriate to meet the student’s career aspirations and choices.

Phase 4 at Milestone Academy is a dynamic learning community which values every individual and aims to develop the potential of everyone. If you are interested in looking around the department, please do not hesitate to contact me.

James Doddington  – Interim Assistant Principal Phase 4