School Council

Milestone Academy School Council allows our students to discuss issues that are important to them. The council members meet at least once a term to discuss current issues and talk about future projects. The council members, one from each class, are elected by their classmates to be their representatives. Students from our satellite provisions will also meet separately to discuss topics related to their specific settings. 

Minutes from these meetings are written using the ‘Communicate in Print’ programme. A copy of these minutes is then given to the school council members from each class to inform all pupils about what had been discussed and any decisions which had been made. Minutes will also be made available in reception for visitors to the school to see.

Class representatives are encouraged to discuss ideas with their class prior to a meeting and bring feedback with them to the meeting.

Last academic year the student council discussed school dinners and looked at some simple changes that could improve mealtimes. This information was fed back to Cucina and positive changes have been made. Students also brought forward ideas related to playtime and playground equipment. Moving forward we are going to be looking at ways that student council can have a positive impact around the school focusing on looking after our school through recycling and energy saving. These are again ideas that students themselves suggested that could have an impact around the school. 

The representatives feed back important issues and questions raised in classes using preferred methods of communication. The council members play an important role in communicating their work with their peers and they are encouraged to share information, ask questions and collect opinions using a variety of methods of communication. 

An older student is seen writing with a pencil on a piece of paper, assisted by a female staff member to his right.
Two girls listening to the teacher in a classroom