School Council

The words 'Happy Aspirational Learners' are seen in a gold circle in the centre of the image, surrounded by numerous different attributes and qualities.

The School Council at Milestone Academy is designed to be dynamic and adaptive, reflecting the unique and diverse learning needs of our pupils across each phase and pathway within our school community.

We understand that in order for learning to be effective, it must be real and relevant to the individual experiences and challenges of our students. Our four phases cater to the developmental stages of our pupils, while the pathways – Brook, Stream, River and Waterfall – further individualise the learning experience based on varying abilities and needs.

The Council’s structure is intentionally differentiated across these Phases and Pathways to ensure relevance and inclusivity.

Students’ Councils provide our learners with the opportunity to exercise their individual agency, acknowledging that they have a voice, can make a choice, and as a result, can take ownership over some aspects of their learning.

As a general overview:

  • In the River and Waterfall pathways, where students are developing higher-level skills, the pupil council will serve as a platform for students to actively participate in discussions and initiatives aimed at improving the overall school environment. This includes brainstorming ideas, proposing changes, and actively engaging in decision-making processes that directly impact their learning environment.
  • In the Brook and Stream phases, where pupils are building foundational skills, the School Council takes on a role where students communicate their preferences and choices in a more individualised manner. This may include expressing their preferences for snack, lunch, playtime activities, clubs and other aspects of their school experience. This approach recognizes the individuality of each student’s learning journey and empowers them to have a say in shaping their educational experience.

This academic year, Student Councils across Phases and Pathways look like:

Phase 1

Stepping Stones, Koala, Penguin

Leopard, Bear, Dolphin, Tiger, Lion

Phase 2

Woodland, Mountain, Forest, Coast, Canyon, Glacier

Phase 3

Saxon, Roman, Tudor

Phase 4

Eynsford, Canterbury, Leeds, Scotney

Phase 1


Phase 2


Moonbeam, Comet, Nova

Phase 3

Viking, Aztec, Jurassic, Sparta, Renaissance

Anning, Turing, Equiano

Phase 4


Rochester, Hever, Upnor

The School Council, irrespective of the phase or pathway, acts as a vital channel for communication and collaboration between students and staff. By fostering a sense of ownership and agency among our pupils, we aim to create a school environment that is not only conducive to learning but also reflective of the unique needs and aspirations of each student at Milestone Academy. Through this inclusive and responsive approach to student representation, we believe we can truly create a school community where every voice is heard and every student is an active participant in their own educational journey.

In a typical Students’ Council meeting, the agenda (in whichever form is most appropriate) covers:

  • Student perceptions of safety at school
  • The student experience: What do you like, and what do you want to improve?
  • Actions that students can take
  • Feedback from previous meetings/actions
An older student is seen writing with a pencil on a piece of paper, assisted by a female staff member to his right.
A young boy can be seen smiling directly at the camera, whilst sat at his desk in a classroom.
Two girls pictured sat at their desk, listening to the teacher speak to them inside a classroom.