Welcome, Milestone Academy Alumni!

We enjoy staying in touch with all our former students, and we would love to hear how you have been getting on since you left Milestone Academy. We are very proud that all of our students move into education or workplace settings, and we want to invite you to share your experiences with our current students.

If you would like to be part of our alumni network, you can contact us at

In particular, we would like to invite you to come back and speak to current Milestone Academy students, to talk about what you have been doing since you left Milestone, and give any advice that you have.

See below to find out what some of our alumni are up to now!

An older student is seen writing with a pencil on a piece of paper, assisted by a female staff member to his right.

charlie, the university of lincoln

We are very proud of all our leavers, and this is especially true for Charlie. Charlie left Milestone a few years ago, and went on to study Public Services at North Kent College. 
He is now studying for his Bachelor’s Degree Politics and Social Policy at the University of Lincoln, where he lives independently. 
One of Charlie’s goals is to do a year of study abroad, and he is confident that he will achieve his goal of studying for a year in Japan – and he’s got the grades to do it! 
Charlie regularly reaches out to Milestone staff to share his news and experiences, and it is always a delight to hear from him. We know that he is going to do great things!
Charlie, we are all proud of you! Come visit us soon. 

zack comes back

Milestone Academy was thrilled to welcome back Zack, a longtime Milestone Academy student who is now pursuing his dream of becoming an actor. Zack is currently attending North Kent College’s Miskin Theatre programme.

Please watch the video of his chat, including his thoughts on life and plenty of honest advice.