The admission of children with Education, Health and Care Plans to schools is a matter for the LA who has statutory responsibility for arranging their provision.  There are admissions criteria for each special school that are applied in order to determine if a particular special school would be a suitable placement. 

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area education office

The named officer in the relevant Area Education Office explains the arrangements for admission to parents and carers as part of the statutory assessment process or as part of any school transition process but further advice is available directly from the Area Offices.

North Kent

Joynes House
New Road
DA11 0AT

Tel: 03000 419345

East Kent

Brook House
Reeves Way
John Wilson Business Park

Tel: 03000 421160

West Kent

Worrall House
30 Kings Hill Avenue
West Malling
ME19 4AE

Tel: 03000 420997

South Kent

Kroner House
Eurogate Business Park
TN24 8XU

Tel: 03000 420889

pre-school admissions

Pre-school children are admitted to Milestone Academy Early Years through the LA MAP process.  Professionals – Early Support Workers, Portage and STLS/Milestone Outreach refer children. Settings seek support from STLS/Milestone Outreach through the Local Inclusion Forum Team – for further information consult or directly through the Local Authority by way of a Specialist School Placement which is also available on KELSI.  

nursery admissions

Specialist Nursery places are awarded to children who the multi agency panel feel would benefit from a specialist placement as they are not making progress within their mainstream setting or home environment.  Children would already have additional support in place via SENIF funding or Outreach support.

Pupils attend the nursery for 12 weeks and it is from this assessment period that parents and the LA are consulted as to whether any further intervention would support the child’s development. When a child is attending the Academy Nursery a decision will be made by staff and parents if statutory assessment should be applied.