Milestone Academy is dedicated to providing a broad, rich, deep and demanding curriculum at levels appropriate to the developmental understanding of our students. This has since 2014 been driven via our application across Milestone Academy of our Core Moral Purpose – the first commitment of which is to ‘Provide expertise to deliver a personalised curriculum for each pupil’s learning. The curriculum we will be delivering in 2019 onwards will build on this commitment and will be coherently sequenced to meet all pupils’ needs, start points and aspirations for the future, whilst being ambitious for all. Milestone Academy’s curriculum is responsive to pupil’s individual changing needs, with four distinct curriculum pathways (Brook, Stream, River and Waterfall) that pupils may stay within or transition between during their time at school. Each curriculum pathway has core elements that run throughout the school in addition to elements that are specific to a Phase within school. Communication is fundamental to learning and building relationships; this is central to the curriculum at Milestone Academy and is embedded within it throughout each school day.

Emotional structure and routine is important to our students and we seek to provide the appropriate level of ‘scaffolding’ to support individuals in their learning of knowledge, understanding and skills, providing the appropriate level of challenge and risk taking in order to develop resilience through, at times, coping with failure. Practical and active learning beyond the classroom is essential to all our students and a key aspect of our curriculum, developing the generalisation of skills learnt to other settings, including the local and wider community. Positive mental health, physical health, happiness and well-being are central to pupil’s development and progress. At Milestone the curriculum supports this through opportunities to develop passions and interests, an understanding of how to stay healthy and make good choices and developing a sense of self-worth, esteem and enjoyment of learning.