Parent & Pupil Surveys

Results from parent & pupil surveys, spring 2023

We would like to thank those of you who responded to our annual survey.

The pupil survey was available in a hard copy symbolised format and a Google form to ensure it was accessible, it was then adapted further by the class teacher as required.

2 young children sitting in a soft play area smiling for the photo

Agree / Strongly Agree

My child(ren) are happy at this school.


My child(ren) feels safe at this school.


The school makes sure it’s pupils are well behaved.


The school makes me aware of what my child(ren) will learn during the year.


My child(ren) do well at this school.


When I have raised concerns with the school they have been dealt with properly.

including no concerns raised

The school has high expectations for my child(ren).


The school supports my child(ren)’s wider personal development.


The school lets me know how my child(ren) are doing.


I would recommend this school to another parent.


Things the school does well:

  • Communication and support
  • Community spirit and safety of students
  • Putting pupils first. Caring as well as teaching – individual attention, as well as actively encouraging group participation. Empathy for our children is always so evident. The staff and teams are passionate, energetic & happy – I note this every time that I come into school.
  • Parent communication
  • Care for the children, everyone seems to be always in high spirits, I feel welcome and my daughter really likes and enjoys school and her teachers and teams.
  • Exceptional leadership and staff – so caring as well as always striving for excellence
  • Everything.. I have no other answer what this fabulous school does for its pupil’s. Truly wonderful school.

You said…

We did…

I know it’s tricky but can we do more parent fundraising?

We have discussed this with the Friends of Milestone to raise awareness of this

Opportunities for parents from same class to contact each other.
Communication with parents/carers could be improved.

We are trialling the use of Google classroom for sharing class information which all in the ‘classroom’ can see with two classes at present and will roll this out further following a review of the impact
We have introduced class information on the website to find out what your children have been learning and activities they have been taking part in.
Regular termly Coffee Mornings for parents to engage with the Academy and each other.

Hold some events in evening for working parents who miss out due to work commitments.

There are some evening events such as parents/carers consultations, drama events (secondary pupils) and the Friends of Milestone events but we will explore this further and look at what events families would be interested in.

Give the students a choice of doing GCSEs or Functional skills.

Where identified and appropriate, pupils will undertake external exams and the Head of the Secondary College is leading a review of accredited courses on offer.

After school activities/clubs.

This is an area we will review, the challenges have always been due to the vast majority of pupils being transported home from school through KCC but we will look into the feasibility of this over the coming months.


Change from last year

Are you happy and safe at school?



Do you want to come to school and learn?



Do pupils behave well at Milestone Academy?



Do adults help you if you are worried?



Do you know how to eat healthily and look after yourself?



My school encourage me to be independent and to take on responsibilities.
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My school encourage me to respect people from other backgrounds, and to treat everyone equally.
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My school provides me with information about my next steps, for example, choosing qualifications for the future, going to other education and training options, like apprenticeships, or finding a job.
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You said…

We did…

Other than two pupils, all of the pupils who stated they had not received information about their next steps were pupils in the Primary College or Year 7.

Career routes are being introduced following research for pupils attending the Secondary College, by focusing learning on planned careers this will increase the engagement and willingness to learn in school.

The pupils who stated they didn’t know how to stay healthy are those who need support to do this.

Cooking and nutrition is now focusing more on healthy foods and snacks and teachers continue to help pupils understand how exercise can support staying healthy. Many classes across school now access the Daily Mile to support this.