Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

IQM Centre of Excellence Award logo

Milestone Academy has achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark’s Inclusive School Award with Centre of Excellence status.

“Milestone Academy embodies the essence of inclusion, celebrating diversity through a  rich curriculum and providing robust support for parents and staff to understand  pupils’ needs. The inclusive atmosphere is palpable, from the warm greetings by staff to  the safe and secure environment where students are encouraged to take risks in their  learning and strive for excellence. The genuine care staff have for students is evident in every  interaction, whether in classrooms or corridors. At Milestone Academy, inclusion is  woven into its policies, processes, and the people who make up the vibrant school  community. Leaders have a relentless drive to ensure that inclusion is at the heartbeat of the school community.”  – IQM report – June 2024

At Milestone academy we are passionately committed to eliminate discrimination and create an inclusive learning and working environment in which diversity is both celebrated and valued. Our objectives set out our ambition to advance equality of opportunity and strengthen relations across all characteristics.

Objective 1
To enhance the academy curriculum by improving opportunities to celebrate diversity and develop cultural understanding and awareness by strategic curriculum leadership, training and professional collaboration.

Objective 2
To enhance the academy co-curricular offer by ensuring all students within the academy have access to recreation opportunities which meet their individual needs.

Objective 3
To ensure all students can access the academy outdoor learning environments by reviewing current accessibility and implementing site development.

Objective 4
To develop the voice and agency of students with protected characteristics by implementing college school council meetings with carefully considered agendas.

Objective 5
To engage in a continuous cycle of evaluation and improvement to effectively promote our strong commitment to a wholly inclusive ethos and utilising this to inform further objectives and action plan steps.