Coronation Celebration at Milestone Academy

A male member of staff is seen assisting a pupil to create a replica of a postage stamp featuring the image of King Charles III on coloured paper.

On Friday 28th April, Phase 2 marked the impending Coronation by holding a celebration for pupils and families. Class teams provided multi-sensory activity trays that included going on a sensory journey to an English garden and the seaside, designing a postage stamp, making quintessential afternoon tea sandwiches and decorating Coronation biscuits. It was a great turn out and the activities were enjoyed by both pupils and adults. As pupils from all pathways were in attendance it was a wonderful opportunity for inclusion and also for parents and carers to connect with each other. The children really enjoyed sitting together in the sunshine and eating the biscuits and sandwiches they had made, the Coronation Colin the Caterpillar cakes were also a huge hit with all!

A female member of staff is shown supporting a pupil to plant some vegetables as part of celebrations for King Charles III's Coronation.
A female staff member is seen assisting a pupil in creating some union flags to be used to celebrate King Charles III's Coronation.