Jennifer’s Story

I enjoy reading and writing, especially creative writing.

In the Summer holidays I entered a writing competition with a writing company called Young Writers. The competition was called the Young Writers Annual showcase.

My story is called Mythical Magical Montreal. My story is about a park where I have visited with my family which is called Montreal Park. Montreal Park is in Sevenoaks.

The Young Writers company was impressed with my story and it won the Young Writers Annual Showcase competition . My story was chosen by the Young Writers company to be published. My story was chosen as one of the winners to be published.

My story is in a book called Whispers of Inspiration Dreams in Ink.

The book is a story book with 150 different stories that people aged 5 to 18 have written all round the UK. My story was published on the 24th November 2023.

The Young Writers company has said that once the story and the Whispers of Inspiration Dreams in Ink book is published a copy of it will be stored in the British Library in London forever. My prize for  winning the competition was a certificate and my story being published.

On the 24th November when it was published it was sold out on Amazon within a few hours.

The book Whispers of Inspiration Dreams in Ink is sold on Amazon and the Young Writers website and it is sold for £17.99.

6th form pupil at Milestone@Wilmington