World of Work Day

A young boy is accompanied by an adult member of staff, as they walk around the academy grounds together.

In support of our Careers and Employability activities, we are hosting an all-new event at Milestone Academy on 2nd February 2024.

Do you, or does someone you know, have a job that would be fun to share? Can you think of a friend who has a really cool, interesting or unique job? We would love to have you come to share your experiences with students (and staff!) at Milestone Academy as part of World of Work Day!

We are inviting you to take part in one of two ways:

  1. Give a presentation! Would you like to speak to a class, or a group of students, about your job, experiences, or career(s)? They would love to hear from you. No matter what you do, your job will be of huge interest to our students.

  2. Take part in our World of Work Carousel! This would be ideal if you are able to bring lots of interesting visual or tactile things (things that our students can look at and, ideally touch – as long as they’re safe!). This would be an “exhibition-style” space where students circulate, ask you questions, and where you might share some of your stories from work.
    The World of Work Carousel will run from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm on 2nd February, in various locations (by Phase)

If you are willing to volunteer for either (or both!) of these events, please fill in this form: or email me ( with the subject WOW Day.

To really make this a success, we need as many people as possible to take part, so please don’t be shy! We would love to welcome you.

If you are willing to visit Milestone and talk about your job, but can’t come on 2nd February, don’t worry! We would be very happy to welcome you anytime. Send me an email at, or contact your child’s class teacher.

For students in Phases 3 and 4, we are also offering you an opportunity to partake in a “Take Your Young Person to Work Day.” If you have a workplace that would be willing to have you host your own very special guest, even if just for an hour, we would love to encourage this. Your child/young person will be given an authorised absence to visit your workplace (or that of a close friend, relative, or carer), see what you do, and hopefully share their experience with us back at Milestone.

If you are willing to Take Your Young Person to Work Day, either on 2nd February or on another convenient day, please fill in this form: or email your child’s class teacher.

Thank you for your interest in World of Work Day 2024. We are excited to launch this event, and looking forward to seeing where it will go in the future!

Kyle Marsh, MEd, NPQSL | Assistant Principal, Phase 3