Milestone Academy Welcomes Families to Reading Brunch

Students, staff and parents are pictured participating in a fun activity together, using a parachute, during a Reading Brunch session.

On Friday 23rd February, Milestone Academy hosted its first Reading Brunch in the fantastic library at the main site. It was a wonderful, inclusive event, with a record number of parents attending from across all phases.

Pupils were able to join their parents and carers in the library and spent time sharing stories and exploring non-fiction books. Alongside the magnificent variety of story books, picture books and reference books, there were also many diverse texts available covering topics such as race, gender and identity, as well as books in other languages such as Urdu, Punjabi and Turkish.

Stefan Syplywczak, our dedicated librarian was on hand to guide, answer questions and read aloud. Tim Sibson, our resident Speech and Language Therapy Assistant performed the signing story ‘Our many coloured days’ by Dr Seuss, and it was great to see pupils, parents and carers get involved, enjoying copying the signs and performing the actions to the songs along with Tim.

Looking around the library, it was a pleasure to see so many of our Milestone community immersed in books or activities. There was a palpable buzz in the room as everyone engaged enthusiastically in the shared experience.

It was even more gratifying to receive such positive feedback from parents/carers who attended, these included:

‘A welcoming and peaceful space to read in.’

‘A superb selection of books here. We wanted to read them all!’

‘Very welcoming and it was nice to see the kids within their learning space.’

‘A wide variety of books for the children. In a welcoming environment.’

A female student is pictured sat alongside her mother, reading a book during a Reading Brunch session.
A student is pictured sat on the floor in a Library area, alongside his mother, reading a book together during a Reading Brunch session.
A young pupil is seen interacting with his baby brother and mother who have come to join him during a Reading Brunch session.
A young pupil is seen participating in a group activity during a Reading Brunch session, with the support of his mother and a member of staff.