International Wheelchair Day

A young girl is pictured playing with a toy doll, about to place it into a wheelchair in celebration of International Wheelchair Day.

Pupils in Penguin Class took some time on the Friday 1st March to mark International Wheelchair Day! They began by watching a short presentation about this special day and were encouraged to celebrate how their wheelchairs can give them so many opportunities. It was uplifting to see the children’s reactions to watching videos of different sports people, musicians and other children using wheelchairs. They all watched the videos, enthralled, excitedly pointing out the wheelchairs and some children even exclaiming, “my wheelchair!”.

The children also explored a range of inclusive toys and really had a lot of fun. The whole day was a powerful reminder that representation matters, even to our very youngest pupils. To feel seen, to feel represented, is to feel empowered. We will certainly ensure that this day is marked in the Milestone calendar next year!